Ever drop your own CD into a carousel CD player along with some commercially released CDs, and then have to turn up the volume of your CD compared to those 'real' ones?

Not if you mastered your CD with us. We own the Waves Ultramaximizer L2 which, along with our extensive (and expensive) collection of control room mastering gear, allows us to deliver CDs that play at the same full volume as the CDs you buy in the store.

The L2 is also an excellent Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converter. Great converters are essential for professional mastering. Great converters provide smooth, naturally open high frequencies, great imaging, and solid bass. A great converter makes a difference.

We've got the ears, the control room, the expensive mastering gear, & most importantly, 32 years of pro experience.

Many smaller area studios and home recordists bring us their mixes for final mastering and Compact Disc preparation. They do it for one simple reason: we make their final mixes sound even better.

You'll find Celebration a trustworthy and accurate environment for mastering, mixing, and tracking.

If you're sending your master CD out for CD replication, you'll get:

A properly formatted, worry-free CD Master.

A backup copy CD Master.

A printed PQ subcodes and Playlist that will please any CD manufacturer. (This type of CD is often referred to as a PMCD, or Pre Master CD.)

Whether you've recorded in your spare bedroom or in a big studio, when it comes time for final mastering, we can make your hard-earned mixes sound even better.