Studio Gear


Record with the same state of the art gear that your favorite platinum selling artist
uses. People choose Celebration to sound as professional as their favorite CD.


Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstations & MIDI:
Digidesign/Avid HD3 Pro Tools System
2 Digidesign 192K interfaces
Digidesign HD Core Card
2 Digidesign HD Process Cards
Bunch of Macintosh Computers
2 Digidesign Audiomedia III Cards
Digidesign Sound Designer II
Digidesign MasterListCD
Altiverb - Incredible Reverb Software
Antares Autotune
Waves Platinum Bundle - Tons of the best Waves Plug Ins
Waves Gold Bundle
Waves Renaissance Bundle
Soundtoys Plugins:
- EchoBoy
- Decapitator
- FilterFreak
- Crystallizer
- Tremolator
- PanMan
- PhaseMistress
- Speed
- Devil-Loc Deluxe
Sansamp Guitar & Bass Bundle
Avid Sound Replacer
Avid Reverb One
Universal Audio Pultec EQP-1A EQ
URS Fulltec & BLR EQ
Bombfactory Classic Compressors
Focusrite D2/D3 Equalizers
Many External Hard Drives
Yamaha 8824S CD Recorder
Otari EC-201 Time Code Reader/Refresher
Avid Mbox 3 Pro


Outboard Gear:
Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
Lexicon 200 Reverb - My favorite reverb for vocals
2 Amek/Rupert Neve 9098's Mic Pre w/EQ (Wonderful Rupert Neve equalizers and microphone preamps.)
3 Amek/Rupert Neve PurePath Channel In A Box (Also a Rupert Neve design. Mic Pre, Eq & Compressor)
2 channel GML Mic Pre w/GML Power Supply
Teletronix Urei LA-3A
Purple Audio MC76 limiter/compressor
Summit EQP-200 Stereo Tube EQ

Amps & Monitors:

Bryston 4B Power Amp
Yamaha R-S700 Receiver
NAD 7060
Dahlquist DQ-10's
2 Pairs of Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
1 Urei 809 Monitor (for feeding natural reverb chamber while mixing)
4 Aphex Headpod 4 Channel Digital Headphone Amplifier Systems


2 Neumann U-87a's (the 80's version, not the lesser version sold today)
Soundelux U195
2 AKG 414 b-uls
AKG D-112
3 Sennheiser 421's (the originals, not the mk2 version sold today)
Beyer 160 Ribbon Microphone
Beyer M88 (the 80's model, not the M88 "Classic" version they sell today)
Electrovoice RE-20
Electrovoice RE-11
Electrovoice RE-10
2 Audio Technica 4033's
SE Electronics SE-5000 Tube Microphone
6 Shure SM-57's
Shure Beta 58
2 Crown PZM's

Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano - Graded Hammer Standard weighted action keyboard, PureCF sound engine that recreates the sound of Yamaha's famous CFIIIS concert grand piano, LP5 Triple Foot Pedal. Sounds like a real piano.
Yamaha DX-7IIFD Keyboard - Classic 80's Keyboard
EMU Procussion MIDI Rack Module
EMU Proteus 1/XR MIDI Rack Module

Sony PCM-R700 DAT Recorder
Panasonic 3800 DAT

Other Stuff:

Sansamp Bass DI
6 AKG 240M headphones
6 AKG 240S headphones
4 Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones
Grado SR-80 headphone
Fostex, Sony & other headphones
Linn Sondek Turntable w/Grace Tonearm & Shure V15 Type IV Cartridge
Thorens 78 rpm Turntable & Multiple 78 Styluses
Korg DM-12 Tuner
NAD Preamp
Denon CD Player w/ Digital Out
Harman Kardon CD Player w/Digital Out
Nakamichi 680ZX Cassette Deck with varispeed control
2 Sony ES 3 Head Cassette Decks
4 channels of Proco Direct Boxes
BSS AR116 Direct box
2 IMP 2 Direct boxes